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May 05
Apr 19
Apr 07

From POTS to VOIP–A Brief History

POTS?! VOIP?! With so many different acronyms in the telecom industry it's sometimes hard to keep track. Let us break down the two most popular telecommunication services; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS); their respective histories, and use cases. POTS was first introduced over a... read more →
Mar 29

Coax VS Fiber Internet. What’s the difference? 

As the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, the need for reliable, high-speed internet connections has increased significantly. Two common methods of delivering internet to homes and businesses are through coaxial and fiber optic cables. Coaxial cables, also known as coax cables, were first introduced in... read more →
Mar 22

Selecting the and Implementing the Right Enterprise Communication Tools!

When browsing for enterprise communication tools and services, it is often helpful to work with a technology consultant that can help identify the top-performing services for your company. With this support from an experienced consultant, businesses are better equipped to find and implement services that actually match their company's needs... read more →
Mar 17

The Benefits of Working with an Experienced Technology Consultant 

With the plethora of communication technology services available today, selecting the right solutions for your business can be a challenge.  By working with experienced consultants, businesses can make informed decisions when selecting the best communication services for their needs. Consultants may have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the... read more →
Mar 10

Is your IT Room / Closet up to date?

Here are 5 reasons that you need to pay attention to the structured cabling for your business:  Improved Network Reliability: Structured cabling ensures that your network infrastructure is organized and properly designed, which helps to reduce network downtime and minimize the risk of failures.  Faster Speeds: Structured cabling is designed... read more →
Feb 24
Feb 22
Feb 17

Why employees need online security training in 2023

Online security is an essential concern for businesses in today's digital world. In this article, we will explore why employees need online security training in 2023. Cyberattacks, such as malware, ransomware, and phishing, are becoming more common and sophisticated. Training employees on online security can help prevent these attacks and... read more →
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