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Data Center
Data Center Services we can assist you with:
• Colocation/rack and stack services
• Geo Diversity Planning
• On Ramp to public cloud
• Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
• Migration Planning
• & More
If you are looking for a physical location to house your servers other than at a secondary office location, a data center may be for you. As more companies move towards the cloud, a determination needs to be made whether public or private cloud is the appropriate vehicle. So too, decisions need to be made on geo-redundancy, whether there will be real-time replication, and where the primary site needs to be situated. Data center services are not only bare metal so a trusted solution provider should be engaged to help you migrate services as desired.
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Colocation (Colo) services are available for businesses looking for external space for their data storage and networking equipment. This is a great option for companies looking to own their infrastructure while leaving maintenance to an experienced team. Colo requires connectivity either in real-time for real-time replication, or off-hours batch backup of files that are easily retrievable for restoration.

Rack and Stack services

Designed to meet the needs of high-density data center environments, rack enclosures can help protect a wide range of IT equipment while supporting enhanced power management, efficient cooling, and simplified component storage and mounting.

Geo Diversity Planning

Plan your primary and secondary recovery sites to minimize the potential for a disaster, such as an outage or fire.

On Ramp to public cloud

On-ramps to the public cloud enables businesses to create a multi-cloud environment where you can experience the benefits of both public and private cloud without affecting speeds or quality of connection.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular as it can provide increased productivity and networking capabilities for companies of all sizes. ZLH can help you navigate the world of AI, using artificial intelligence to make your data centers and other “AAS” framework more efficient, as well as advise you on up and coming future applications.

Migration Planning

ZLH Enterprises will project manage and facilitate migration of data and applications to the carrier cloud of customer choice.

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Our team is fueled by a bold spirit: your productivity is our top priority.
As a carrier/vendor agnostic and customer-centric advocate that delivers high touch, white-glove services to our clients, ZLH Enterprises prides itself on the delivery of quality solutions, timely provisioning and long term management support for their clients.
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More Technology Solutions
Our connections in the industry cut through all of the smoke and mirrors providing the best services, with the least amount of wait time, at no additional cost to you.
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