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Jun 09

Choosing the Appropriate Internet Service Provider and Bandwidth in 2023 

Choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the appropriate bandwidth can have a significant impact on your business’s efficiency, productivity, and growth potential.  

Assess Your Business Needs and Bandwidth Options: Before choosing an ISP, it’s crucial to understand your business’s specific needs, such as the number of employees, the types of online applications used, and the level of internet usage. For instance, a small business with limited online activities may not require the same bandwidth as a medium or large enterprise with heavy internet usage, such as video conferencing, large file transfers, or cloud-based services.  The more that you move applications to the cloud, the larger the bandwidth required to enjoy a stress-free connection experience.  Consider upload and download speeds and the consistency of the connection to ensure smooth and uninterrupted online operations.  Choose a bandwidth option that can accommodate your business’s current needs while also allowing for future growth. 

Compare ISPs Based on Features and Services: When evaluating ISPs, consider the features and services they offer, such as speed, reliability, customer support, and additional services like email hosting or website hosting (if you don’t already work with someone). Look for an ISP that can cater to your business’s unique requirements and has a positive history of providing reliable and high-quality services.  Check whether the connection will be shared or dedicated bandwidth. 

Consider Network Scalability and Flexibility: As your business grows, your internet requirements may change. Choose an ISP that offers scalable and flexible solutions, allowing you to upgrade or downgrade your bandwidth as needed without penalizing you monetarily as you upgrade or change services.  

Examine Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Review the SLAs offered by each ISP to understand their guarantees regarding uptime, speed, and response times in the event of an outage or technical issue. Check what the uptime has been for the previous year. A strong SLA can provide peace of mind and ensure that your business receives the support it needs to maintain a reliable internet connection. 

Compare Pricing and Contract Terms: While cost should not be the sole determining factor, it’s essential to compare pricing and contract terms among different ISPs. Look for transparent pricing structures that clearly outline monthly fees, installation costs, and any additional charges. Additionally, consider the contract length and any early termination fees, as these can impact your ability to switch providers if your needs change or if you’re unsatisfied with the service.  Remember, however, that the race to the bottom for pricing does not necessarily afford you the best service.  Don’t fall into the trap of ‘getting what you paid for’. 

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