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Mar 05
Feb 26
zina hassel, honored as one of the 50 leaders advancing the channel.

Zina Hassel – Channel Futures’ 50 Channel Influencers for 2024

Reposted from Channel Futures Zina L. Hassel is the force behind ZLH Enterprises, a woman-owned business focusing on technology consultancy. She began the company in 2000 as a telecommunications business solutions provider and today it helps small, medium and enterprise customers navigate increasingly complicated business technology. A veteran of more... read more →
Nov 13

Tips for Selling Customer Survey Software

Reposted from Xaas Journal: It’s time to take a different perspective and consider customer feedback less of a value-add and more of a necessity. Customer survey software provides merchants with crucial information they need in the current economic climate: what their customers think. Merchants can use these solutions to conduct... read more →
Oct 19
Sep 26
Aug 29

The Value of Regular Telecommunication and Technology Services Reviews for Businesses of All Sizes 

In today's fast-paced business landscape, optimizing costs and ensuring financial efficiency is paramount for sustained success. One area that often warrants closer attention are telecommunications expenditures. Regular reviews of telecom and technology (ISP, AWS, Azure) expenses can provide businesses, regardless of size, with significant advantages including the improvement to cost-effectiveness... read more →
Aug 23
Aug 16
Aug 01
Jul 25
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