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We work as a facilitator between our clients and their internet, phone, and technology service providers to ensure cost optimization and service availability.

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We are your trusted premier technology advisor.
Do you understand the bills that you’re getting for internet, voice and hosted services? We are industry experts in working with SMBs and Enterprise clients to maximize their communications functionality while optimizing those associated costs. ZLH Enterprises designs business solutions, provides vendor management, and manages project installations for our clients. Most often we are able to accomplish this for our clients on a ‘no-cost’ basis; provided that we have provisioned the services.
Optimization of technology services
Many companies overpay for internet and telecom services. Our solutions architects can help you analyze your requirements and provide you with solution alternatives that serve your immediate and future plans. At one point in time, it was desirable to consolidate billing; that may not be the current case. Let us show you the comparative costs.
We have access to hundreds of technology service providers and 25+ years of experience in the industry! We work with those carrier companies to support our clients' immediate and future needs.
We have access to advanced design tools, engineers and customer support teams to extend your internal staff and respond quickly to any issues that may arise. Don’t waste another second on hold waiting for a customer service representative!
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Our team is fueled by a bold spirit: your productivity is our top priority.
As a carrier/vendor agnostic and customer-centric advocate that delivers high touch, white-glove services to our clients, ZLH Enterprises prides itself on the delivery of quality solutions, timely provisioning and long term management support for their clients.

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Our foundation is built on exceptional white-glove service. We partner with a vast array of providers around the world.
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