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Connectivity Services we can assist you with:
• Copper connections (subject to LEC availability)
• POTS (Digital, Over Broadband or Traditional)
• Ethernet Over Copper (EOC)
• Cable Modem delivered as coax
• Ethernet from 1GB +
• Dark FiberPrivate Line Services
• VPN connectivity
• Wi-Fi
• Fixed Wireless
• Satellite
• Distributed Antennae Services
If you are moving, opening another office, allowing for a remote workforce, or just want to validate your current charges, we can help with that! Whether it is for Telephone / VOIP services, Internet, Video, or VPN connections, ZLH Enterprises will work with you to determine the best bandwidth required for your business applications. We will review carrier availability and mode of transport at your location(s) and provide alternatives to you along with associated cost analysis of products and services.
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A wireless access point (commonly referred to as Wi-Fi) allows users to connect multiple devices to the internet or local network without being plugged directly into a circuit or router. LH Enterprises works with suppliers that are able to provide capex or opex solutions both to individual businesses and residential apartment buildings.


This is another medium over which broadband services are able to be provided. Typically used in hard to deliver locations as the primary source of broadband; oftentimes used as back up services. We have installed satellite both ways and also in conjunction with SD-WAN services.

VPN connectivity

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a privacy tool that masks your IP address by creating a private network to route your public internet connection. VPNs create anonymity by masking a users location online, as well as other vital personal information.

Fiber Optic Cable Services

Fiber Ethernet is a delivery method of broadband which is replacing copper services nationwide. Fiber cabling is made from fiberglass which avoids interference from outside electrical signals and is also extremely durable. The capacity of fiber allows the delivery of higher speeds and larger capacity at a reasonable price.

Dark Fiber Private Line Services

Dark Fiber Private Lines are limited to use by the company that owns them. It is a private rather than public network that connects two endpoints. Dark Fiber Private lines allow your business to be in full control of your network, and can be completely separated from the public internet.

Ethernet Over Copper (EOC)

Ethernet over Copper (EOC) is an Internet connection which utilizes copper wires that are bonded to provide various levels of broadband. As with DSL, this service is being replaced nationwide as copper gives way to fiber infrastructure.


Digital Subscriber Lines are still available in certain locations as either ADSL or SDSL. These are quickly disappearing across the country as carriers retire their copper infrastructure. SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line), is a type of broadband internet connection that uses the whole bandwidth, which is symmetric, having the same upload and download speeds. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), is a type of broadband internet connection with asymmetric upload and download speeds, where the upload speed is typically lower.


Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) refers to an analog telephone line which is delivered to the premise by twisted pair cabling. This type of phone service enables voice transmission over copper wires.


SD-WAN has begun to displace the once-dominant Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) as the go-to WAN connectivity solution for many organizations. However, MPLS is far from outdated, and in some cases, SD-WAN and MPLS can be used in tandem.

Coax Cable Modem

Cable internet delivered via coaxial cable (Cable COAX) is a copper-based cabling that is piped into your business from the cable service provider using a router or cable modem to provide a variety of services. Cable companies have proven to be worthy competitors in the technology industry and often supply internet, television, and even voice services via COAX.

Distributed Antennae Services

A distributed antenna system (DAS) is a system of several antennas and radio heads that provides additional wireless coverage to a building or buildings. Distributed Antenna Servies are usually deployed to increase cellular service in an area, but require connection to an existing signal. This service is most often provided by an underlying carrier or customer provided as a carrier agnostic solution.

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As a carrier/vendor agnostic and customer-centric advocate that delivers high touch, white-glove services to our clients, ZLH Enterprises prides itself on the delivery of quality solutions, timely provisioning and long term management support for their clients.
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