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May 20

Case Study: International Company Needed Assistance

A comprehensive e-commerce marketing platform that helps brands accelerate online growth through smarter marketing strategies and richer customer experiences was moving their office in NYC.  With almost 6,000 miles separating their corporate HQ from a regional NYC office, the company needed local help. Internet and communications technology is integral for the company in their leading edge e-commerce platforms, and so the choice of service providers and firm deadlines needed to be tended to responsibly.  


Challenges in optimizing its technological infrastructure are common among businesses, especially those experiencing rapid growth. Many companies face the daunting task of scaling up their communication systems efficiently while managing costs. This often includes navigating the complexities of selecting the right service providers, securing favorable contract terms, and implementing robust technology solutions that can support an expanding operational scope.  

Entry into the American market presented unique challenges for an international company. Without the advantage of local foundational support and connections that many domestic companies have, this international e-commerce company found itself navigating a complex regulatory landscape.  

“Our experience in NY real estate is that lots of buildings are Union buildings, and we need expertise to handle them.” CIO 

For international businesses in America, there can be significant and even additional hurdles to forming fair and profitable relationships. These challenges necessitate strategic partnerships and innovative approaches to effectively integrate into the competitive market.   


ZLH Enterprises was instrumental in addressing these challenges by provisioning both VoIP and internet services for the new offices. Leveraging their comprehensive understanding of ISP services and local regulations, ZLH Enterprises was not only able to navigate the logistical hurdles but also secure favorable terms for the customer.  

“ZLH is familiar with ISP and local law; I have trust and appreciate Zina and her business. She evaluated alternatives and brought us the best deal.” – CIO 

ZLH Enterprises’ 25+ years of experience in the industry, familiarity with service providers, and their ability to negotiate good prices were key to their success in optimizing the customer’s costs and service performance. In addition, ZLH’s familiarity with international business allowed them to quickly understand the customer’s needs and put in place the most useful solutions with the appropriate partners. 


With ZLH Enterprises’ support, the customer experienced a significant improvement in their communication infrastructure, which is crucial for both internal operations and customer interactions.  

“The fact ZLH is known in the communication domain made it a one stop for me when I need something which is related to this domain. We are able to rely upon ZLH Enterprises for most technology requirements. Lately we have rented satellite phones as part of our BCP. – CIO 

With this partnership, the customer can concentrate on their core business activities, confident that a reliable and experienced team has properly installed, managed, and supported their technological needs.  

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