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Mar 05

Jodi Hassel – 101 Executives Moving the Agent Model Into the Future

Please join us in celebrating Jodi Hassel, Vice President of ZLH Enterprises, who has been recognized for her excellence by Channel Futures as one of the 101 Executives Moving the Agent Model Into the Future.

Channel Futures selects the 2024 Technology Advisor 101 through a peer nomination process where partners, distributors and suppliers in the channel vouch for the agents that they feel best represent the industry.

Jodi has been instrumental in elevating our customer care and operational excellence and is the epitome of dedication and efficiency. Whether it’s pricing, provisioning, or service, she ensures every process is seamless and every customer experience is top-notch.

“Jodi has a great talent to deliver the specialized ‘white-glove’ services that we are known for at ZLH Enterprises. Described by some as a bulldog, meant in only the positive sense, she is able to work with a multitude of clients simultaneously. Pricing, provisioning or service are seamless for her.” – Zina Hassel

Read the full writeup from Channel Futures

At ZLH Enterprises, a woman-owned business focusing on technology consultancy, Jodi’s role is critical in maintaining the high standards of service that set us apart.

We are proud to have Jodi Hassel on our team, not just for her exceptional skills and dedication but also for her ability to inspire those around her. Her work at ZLH Enterprises exemplifies what it means to be a leader in the technology consultancy sector.

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