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Apr 19

Commercial Building Owners Need a Technology Consultant… Here’s Why. 

If you are a commercial building owner that isn’t working with a Technology Consultant you very well may be leaving extra profit on the table! As a building owner you will be looking for ways to increase profits, but so are the technology companies who often leverage gaps in technical information that you could be paying for. By working with a technology consultant to audit phone, internet, and other technology services, building owners can identify areas where they can save money, streamline operations, and increase revenue.  

Bandwidth Optimization: A technology consultant can help you optimize your phone and internet services by evaluating current bandwidth usage and recommending appropriate levels of bandwidth for your needs. By matching the appropriate level of bandwidth with the building’s usage patterns, owners can save money on their monthly bill and ensure that they are getting the best possible service for their investment. 

Providing Services to Tenants: In addition to optimizing commercial telephone and internet services, building owners can also profit by providing these services to tenants. By offering high-speed internet and phone services as part of a lease agreement, building owners can attract and retain tenants who are willing to pay extra for these amenities. This can also help to differentiate the building from competitors, ultimately leading to increased revenue. 

Equipment Evaluation:  Technology consultants can help to identify hardware and software needs and recommend cost-effective solutions for upgrading or replacing outdated technology. By upgrading to newer equipment, building owners can provide faster and more reliable services to tenants, increasing tenant satisfaction scores while also leading to increased profits. 

Telecommunications and Security: Ensure that the telecom and security services are up to date and meet the latest industry standards. This can help to reduce the risk of data breaches and other security issues, which can result in significant costs for the building owner.   

Working with a technology consultant to audit phone, internet, and other technology services can help building owners to increase profits in a variety of ways. From bandwidth optimization to providing services to tenants and equipment evaluation, a technology consultant can help building owners achieve their technology and telecommunication goals while minimizing costs and maximizing profits.

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