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Apr 28

Staying connected and productive during the pandemic.

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Over the past month, there’s been a nationwide scramble to get employees set up to work from home as remote workers. In this episode, we talk to ASCII Group member Zina Hassel, president of ZLH Enterprises, a technology management services provider and expert in Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

Hassel’s company is a little different from a typical VAR or MSP; her company falls more on the consultant end of the spectrum. That said, any technology solution provider (TSP) can learn a lot from ZLH—especially if they don’t have expertise in UCaaS or providing Internet services. ZLH would be the kind of company with which you could consider partnering.

In this interview, Hassel shares timely advice and insights about the importance of business continuity planning and running through “if, then” scenarios to avoid being caught off guard during these unpredictable times. She also challenges TSPs to avoid the temptation of “going dark” until things get back to normal, reminding us that those who continued marketing during the 2008 recession fared much better afterward than those who didn’t.

By Jay McCall -April 21, 2020

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