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Jan 03

Emergency Weather – Winter Storm and Blizzard Warning 1.3.2018 5PM

TYPE OF ALERT: Winter Storm Warning, Blizzard Conditions, Freezing Rain, Severe Winds

NATURE OF ALERT: Major East Coast winter storm to bring hazardous winter travel

conditions from the Southeast to New England through Friday. Bitterly cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills to persist across the Eastern states into the weekend.

Freezing rain and snow is already occurring along the Southeast Coast and this will spread northward along the Eastern Seaboard tonight and tomorrow. The current forecast calls for anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow accumulation along the East coast from Virginia Beach to Boston. Higher amounts of 12 to 18+ inches is possible in portions of northern New England. A light coating of ice is also possible for portions of the East Coast. In addition to heavy snowfall, there will be gusty winds across much of the Eastern U.S. leading to dangerously cold wind chills and Blizzard conditions in some places.

ZLH Enterprises CONTACT INSTRUCTIONS: If you need immediate attention or support as a result of these weather conditions, please contact our support team at support@zlhent.comAlthough we are all working remotely the staff is available to assist our customers.

POST STORM RECOMMENDATIONS: Following the conclusion of the events in this alert, if power or carrier service was out, you may want to reboot all systems to resolve any equipment problems that may have been triggered while the systems were down or service was interrupted.

Thank you for your continuing business, stay warm and be safe!

Your ZLH Enterprises Support Team


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