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Feb 24

Time Warner Cable Business Class brings connectivity to National September 11 Museum

Princeton, NJ – February 24, 2017 –The National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York City was looking for a way to install enhanced data connectivity to their facilities in Lower Manhattan — a unique challenge as the museum exists seven stories underground, directly below the footprints of the World Trade Center. The non-profit also wanted to add redundancy to their traditional carrier circuits by engaging a network carrier to bring in their own type 1 fiber that was not dependent on the ILEC for the “last mile”. ZLH Enterprises, a consulting company and 9/11 Memorial partner that develops cost-effective and efficient network WAN connectivity solutions, worked with the 9/11 Memorial team to enlist the services of Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC).

The chief obstacle that was faced was the installation itself. Due to the complexities of lower Manhattan’s infrastructure and the significant construction occurring in the revitalized World Trade Center area, heavy, lengthy construction was needed to gain access to manholes in the ground. Also, potential pathways for fiber optic cabling were difficult to determine given the lack of typical infrastructure on ground-level and below. Even many of the manholes thought to be accessible no longer existed.

After many months of searching with tenacity, and dedication, TWCBCʼs contractors, engineers, and construction crews were finally able to find a way into the museum. Once TWCBC found this path, ZLH Enterprises, the 9/11 Museum IT department and Facilities personnel were able to create an installation pathway that ultimately designed a fully meshed network utilizing Time Warner Cable Business Class fiber network with point-to-point circuits. In addition to the data and internet access that TWCBC is providing, the Museum will also be able to procure streaming services that it needs far below ground-level. ZLH Enterprises, TWCBC and the 9/11 Memorial IT staff knew this project was taxing and they were all able to dedicate an enormous amount of time
and work to the project through implementation.

Thus far, the museum has been able to easily manage the solution, having continued to work with TWCBC for added security and redundancy while addressing the critical issue of cost, which was kept within the 9/11 Memorial’s budget. In addition, the 9/11 Memorial IT team is able to fully rely on TWCBC for support, and also continues to have access to TWCBC management through their consultant, ZLH Enterprises, should it need to increase its services.

ZLH Enterprises and Time Warner Cable Business Class are proud to have been involved with the solution and TWCBC is proud to be the provider of connectivity to such an iconic American institution.

ZLH Enterprises Media Contact:
Zina Hassel
732-845-5288 ext. 11

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