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Technology Management Services


Technology leads the way with everything that a company does on a daily basis. Whether that’s cloud, security or compliance assessment, it helps employees work quicker and gets assistance to them when they need it. We help to monitor costs with the help of what used to be known as telecom expense management systems (TEMS). Our services also can expand to include circuit inventory.

Oftentimes the second largest variable line-item expense in your budget is going to be that related to technology. Do you know whether or not you are paying current market rate for your services? Has your technology cost grown over the years on a piece-meal basis where it may now be time to review what you need vs. what you have? This can be done as a one-time project or as an expense management service. We can work with you to look at telecom expenses which include mobility (cellphones and tablets) as well as other devices being used for IOT (Internet of Things).

Do you need help in your busy period where it may not make fiscal sense to hire someone? If so we can partner you with a company to provide you Desk Top Support or Virtual CISO.

Technology Management Services we can assist you with:

  • Bill Auditing and Strategic Planning

  • RFP Management and Negotiation

  • Technology and Compliance

  • Mobility Management

  • Desk Top Support

  • Electricity as a Service (environmentally friendly)

  • And More!

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