Your AWARD-winning partner for 25+ years

CEO/President of ZLH Enterprises, Zina Hassel has a new book available.

Check out “My Armadillo Skin” now out in both paperback and kindle/pdf format at the Amazon Bookstore!

Your go-to guide to the C-Suite:

In “My Armadillo Skin,” telecommunications CEO Zina L. Hassel tells it like it is in an industry that has long been male-dominated. Hassel shares a lifetime of experiences watching men rise in the ranks and how she vowed never to be left behind. This book is a rare roadmap to the C-suite. It’s an in-the-trenches account of the good and the bad—from hiring to firing to job interviews to what hard work really means and how an entrepreneurial spirit is a must to be a valued member of the team. As Hassel says, “When I attend industry conferences, the small number of women always bothers me.” Whether considering telecommunications for the first time, on the way, or struggling to succeed, this important book will help you navigate.

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