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Connectivity Services

If you’re moving, opening another office, allowing for a remote workforce, or just want to validate your current charges, we can help with that! Whether it’s for Telephone / VOIP services, Internet, Video, or VPN connections, ZLH Enterprises will work with you to determine the best bandwidth required for your business applications. We will review carrier availability and mode of transport at your location(s) and provide alternatives to you along with associated cost analysis of products and services.

What can we assist you with?

  • Copper connections
    (subject to LEC availability)


  • POTS

  • Ethernet Over Copper (EOC)

  • Cable Modem delivered as coax

  • Ethernet from 1GB +

  • Dark FiberPrivate Line Services

  • MPLS or SD-WAN;
    VPN connectivity

  • Wi-Fi

  • Fixed Wireless

  • Satellite

  • Distributed Antennae Services

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