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May 08
May 08

QoS Best Practices for Better Bandwidth Management

Link to Original Publication Improve network performance using carefully developed quality-of-service policies. Quality of Service (QoS) offers administrators the ability to prioritize certain data traffic as it traverses a corporate network. But in order for QoS to work, a great deal of planning and coordination must happen first. If your network... read more →
Apr 10

Four Predictions for the Software-Defined WAN in 2018

2018 WANs will need to be more intelligent and elastic while leveraging pervasive wireless connectivity and software agility — resulting in the Year of WAN Transformation. 2018 is shaping up to be the Year of WAN Transformation. Rapidly evolving market forces and relentless innovation are shifting Digital Transformation into high... read more →
Mar 20
Feb 06

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018 – Part One

Over the course of December and into the New Year, my inbox fills up with predictions for what 2018 will bring cybersecurity. At the end of 2016 we assessed a whole host of industry predictions and determined 12 topicsthat would dictate 2017: skills gap, ransomware, poor routine IT practices, political disruption, CIO activities, social media attacks, AI, advanced cyber-criminals, GDPR, a... read more →
Feb 06

Inside the Telecom Industry: The Trends that Matter for 2018

It’s safe to say that the telecommunications industry is still a major driver for growth in some of the world’s most progressive countries. For sure, a great deal of these countries – think of Singapore and South Korea – depend their economic numbers on the telecommunications industry. This is mostly... read more →
Feb 06

Survey Shows Bright Outlook for Small to Medium Sized Businesses in 2018

Optimism is growing among small-to-medium sized businesses in 2018 in light of new tax reform legislation, according to a new survey of accounting professionals released today by Right Networks. The survey, which sampled 365 accounting professionals at CPA firms and small-to-medium sized businesses, revealed that nearly 54 percent of SMBs... read more →
Jan 04

Weather Upate on “The Bomb Cyclone” 1.4.18 2:30PM EST

TYPE OF ALERT: Winter Storms In Progress, Blizzard, Sleet, Heavy Winds, Power Outages, Dangerous TravelNATURE OF ALERT:The National Weather Service has not yet updated their forecast as of 2PM EST.Local Weather News ( NBC and ABC) reports that NJ, NY, NYC through New England are still under big bands of... read more →
Jan 04
Nov 07

How a Tiny Error Shut Off the Internet for Parts of the US

A year ago, a DDoS attack caused internet outages around the US by targeting the internet-infrastructure company Dyn, which provides Domain Name System services to look up web servers. Monday saw a nationwide series of outages as well, but with a more pedestrian cause: a misconfiguration at Level 3, an internet... read more →
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