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Jun 29

Cyber Security Alert: Petya Ransomware

“Cyber Intelligence sources indicate a large ransomware outbreak names Petya began yesterday with a heavy initial footprint in the Ukraine. There are confirmed infections across the globe with the predominant numbers in Ukraine and Russia. It is important to note while this event is not identical to past WannaCry events,... read more →
Jun 21

Evolving Your Enterprise with SIP

A handy-dandy SIP primer to help enterprises understand what a SIP migration entails and the benefits you can hope to gain If you’re going through hell, keep going.— Winston Churchill I am sure we’ve all fallen into this trap. You know something so well that not only do you expect... read more →
Jun 13

Five UC Trends to Watch out for in 2017

As collaboration drives enterprise software deployment, UC has a key niche to fillIn enterprise software, collaboration is the catchphrase of the moment. Every business is always looking for ways for their teams to work smarter, faster and more productively. With the rapid development of tools which allow people to work together in... read more →
Jun 09

SD-WANs Lost My Voice!

VoIP performance is the one data application that can suffer most from WAN issues. The right SD-WAN platform can protect you from the challenges of using the internet for voice. If there’s one application that brings chills to the hearts of SD-WAN implementers it’s providing a predictable real-time voice service.... read more →
Jun 07

How VoIP Transforms Small Hotel Businesses into Big Players

The hospitality industry is extremely competitive when it comes to pricing and services. Especially when customers can get all the information with just a few swipes or clicks on their smartphones and compare you and your competitors side-by-side within minutes. That being said, how to stand out within that space... read more →
Jun 07

What is UCaaS?

It is easy to pick up buzzwords and start throwing them around without fully understanding the implications. Words like Integration, The Cloud, and Collaboration appear in marketing materials for most telecoms today, but often without full understanding or definitions.Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is another one. So what exactly do we mean by... read more →
Jun 06

VoIP Brings Sales and Marketing Together

In many businesses, sales and marketing teams work independently despite focusing on the same customers and prospects. This can lead to duplication of effort and the risk of inconsistent communications. To overcome this problem, executives try to integrate sales and marketing operations by sharing data and insights and developing joint... read more →
May 07

How to protect yourself from the global ransomware attack

Security experts are bracing for more fallout from Friday’s worldwide WannaCry ransomware attack, which has so far affected more than 150 countries and major businesses and organizations, including FedEx, Renault and Britain’s National Health Service. But if you’re just hearing about this attack — or waking up to an unresponsive computer of your own —... read more →
May 05

560 Million Reasons To Change Your Passwords Right Now

According to the CEO of a major security company, computer attacks are going to be increasingly large-scale. An example of this was the recent massive attack by ransomware that infected thousands of computers around the world although there is still a lot to explain. Recently, not connected to the case... read more →
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