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Jan 04

Winter Storm Pounds East Coast, Upper Mississippi Valley, and Pacific Northwest 1.4.18 8:30AM EST

TYPE OF ALERT: Winter Storms In Progress, Blizzard, Sleet, Heavy Winds, Power Outages, Dangerous Travel


  • Heavy snow possible and possible blizzard condition over parts of the Mid-Atlantic Coast into New England.
  • Heavy rain possible over the Pacific Northwest and Northern California Coast.
  • Heavy snow downwind from the Great Lakes…
  • Rain/freezing rain possible over parts of the interior Northwest into Northern Inter-mountain Region.

A strengthening Nor’easter will bring snow and gusty winds, with blizzard conditions along the coast and blowing snow elsewhere, along the Middle Atlantic and Northeast through Thursday. Minor to major coastal flooding and erosion will be possible, especially during high tides. Dangerous travel, scattered power outages, and bitter wind chill can be expected across the entire east coast. The heavy snow will continue over the Northeast overnight Thursday beginning to wane on Friday morning. The snow will taper off to light snow over parts of Northern New England by Friday evening

In the wake of the storm, an area of cold high pressure will move southward out of Central Canada into the Upper Mississippi Valley on Thursday into Friday. The cold air and upper-level energy will move over he Lakes producing lake effect snow downwind from the Great Lakes through Saturday. The snow may be heavy at times. In addition, upper-level jet dynamics will aid in producing a streak of light snow over parts of the Northern Plains/Upper Mississippi Valley, on Thursday, that will move to parts of the Western Ohio Valley before dissipating on Friday morning.

In the meantime, weakening upper-level energy followed by a front will move into the Pacific Northwest Thursday into Saturday. Moisture will also move into the West Coast through Saturday, too. Rain will develop over parts of the Pacific Northwest Coast into Northern/Central California on Thursday that will expand into interior parts of the Northwest on Thursday evening into Friday evening. Some of the interior valleys of the Northwest/Northern Inter-mountain Region will develop areas of rain/freezing rain on Thursday evening into Friday evening as well.

Key Messages: East Coast Winter Storm

1. Snowfall will increase northward into portions of the Mid-Atlantic and New England through Thursday. Blizzard conditions are possible close to the coast in portions of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

2. Confidence in heavy snowfall has increased for parts of the Northeast as the surface low is expected to track closer to the coast and intensify rapidly.

3. This system has the potential to produce strong, damaging winds,possibly resulting in downed trees and/or power outages.

4. Minor to major coastal flooding/erosion is possible due to a combination of high tides and wave action, especially this afternoon.

5. Warnings are in effect from the Mid-Atlantic northward through NewEngland, which means hazardous conditions are imminent.

ZLH ENTERPRISES CONTACT INSTRUCTIONS: If you have a service outage or need support as a result of these weather conditions, please contact our support team at  Although we are all working remotely the staff is available to assist our customers.

POST STORM ACTIONS: Following the conclusion of the events in this alert, if power or carrier service was out, you may want to reboot all systems to resolve any equipment problems that may have been triggered while the systems were down or service was interrupted.

Thank you for your continuing business, stay warm, be safe and let us know if we can help

Your ZLH Enterprises Support Team


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