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Aug 29

I Thought We Had “SMART” Networks!

Well, we do, but until now, only large corporations could afford them.How did all of this get started?. First, we had “plain old telephone service” (POTS), then we had supersonic 56 kbps private lines connecting two locations. Next came faster private lines (PL) – 1.544 Mbps and multiple locations. These PL’s became MAN’s, WANs and then virtual WAN’s (VPN) followed by MPLS (What?). Now, a decade later, we have SD WAN connecting 100’s of locations at speeds up to 1G! Confused? Don’t be.


What drove this evolution in intelligent connectivity and speed? The catalyst…an information explosion in parallel with a flood of transformative business applications. We moved from paper to paperless, to cloud voice and computing, single location to global teams, collaboration tools, big data, machine learning and, unbelievably, artificial intelligence!

This technology is not just for BIG business. Collaboration tools, the cloud and “smart networks” come in all sizes and shapes today. When applied and designed correctly, they streamline business process, improve productivity, put competitive data and research at our fingertips and deliver a great ROI.


So, we have a lot to talk about. This newsletter will begin to demystify this new age of thought and idea innovation and, what it means for your business. These are exciting times and we look forward to your feedback, conversations, and your questions!

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