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Jun 07

What is UCaaS?

It is easy to pick up buzzwords and start throwing them around without fully understanding the implications. Words like IntegrationThe Cloud, and Collaboration appear in marketing materials for most telecoms today, but often without full understanding or definitions.Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is another one. So what exactly do we mean by UCaaS?  I think CommsTrader defines it best:

“UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service is a solution in which all of the collaboration and communication tools that an employee must use can be accessed through a third-party, provided by an integrated cloud platform.”

UCaaS is, at its heart, a singular platform that simplifies and enhances communication through a plethora of tools. It’s almost an oxymoron: nearly innumerable features and capabilities in one single product. So what are some of those features? Basically anything that makes communicating easier and better. To name a few: Voice, Instant Messaging, Presence, Conferencing, Video Calling, Collaboration, File Sharing, Desktop Sharing, Integration, Mobility.

It is easy to see how these tools would bolster efficiency and productivity in the workplace. UCaaS will go over well with the accounting department as well since it gives you so much bang for your buck. Perhaps best of all, Unified Communications as a Service is flexible and scalable, easily molded to fit the existing business structure.

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