QoS Best Practices for Better Bandwidth Management

Network Computing | Andrew Froehlich | 1/03/2018
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Improve network performance using carefully developed quality-of-service policies.

Quality of Service (QoS) offers administrators the ability to prioritize certain data traffic as it traverses a corporate network. But in order for QoS to work, a great deal of planning and coordination must happen first. If your network is struggling with bandwidth and latency issues, make sure you follow these best-practice guidelines for achieving better bandwidth management using QoS technologies.

Four Predictions for the Software-Defined WAN in 2018

By CIO; February, 2018

2018 WANs will need to be more intelligent and elastic while leveraging pervasive wireless connectivity and software agility — resulting in the Year of WAN Transformation.

2018 is shaping up to be the Year of WAN Transformation. Rapidly evolving market forces and relentless innovation are shifting Digital Transformation into high gear and driving mass adoption of cloud, mobility, and IoT within businesses of all sizes and across many industries. All of these changes are stretching legacy WAN infrastructures to their breaking point in terms of volume, velocity, and a variety of connected endpoints.

Here are some of my predictions as we head into 2018:

Cable vs. Fiber-Optic: Which High-Speed Internet Service is Right for Your Business?

Business.Org, By Eli Bishop     March 5, 2018

The Internet connection you choose for your business can have a major impact on employee satisfaction, productivity and your bottom line. Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t have the time to invest in thoroughly investigating all their options. As a result, they often wind up making a hasty, less than ideal choice.

So you don’t make this mistake, we’ve matched up two of the most popular broadband options available: cable and fiber. Read on to discover the pros and cons of each and determine which one will most effectively pump up productivity in your office.